Wedding, Event, and Portrait Photographer Washington DC | Laura Ashbrook Photography

1. Why Laura Ashbrook Photography?

Three words: Personality, Process, Products.


With a photographer, you need someone who is not just good with photographs, but good with people. Laura is both. Along with her artistic ability, Laura has a genuine love for people that creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Her understanding of them allows her to know when to sit back and observe and when to offer direction, and her professionalism builds trust and puts her clients at ease, yielding the best possible shots.


Laura takes beautiful pictures, and she doesn’t need perfectly curated environments or professional models to get them. Instead, Laura embraces real people and real life, using her technical skills, expertise, and intuition to get superior photos, no matter what the day may throw at her.


The finished products Laura delivers go beyond digital files of your photographs. In addition to those, Laura also offers storybook albums, an online proofing gallery, a highlight slideshow, and prints and custom artwork. These carefully created display pieces preserve your memories and tell the story of your day in an attractive and easily accessible format.

2. What should I take into account when selecting a photographer?


  • Is photography this person's main professional pursuit or more of a side hobby? The more of a priority photography is for the photographer, the more this will be reflected in their work.
  • Does this photographer inspire trust? Whatever the occasion is, you want to be able to relax knowing that your photographer has everything under control. Think about whether or not you're comfortable giving this person the reins in capturing your special day.
  • What product(s) can they provide you with? Will you be receiving just digital files, or would you have the opportunity to receive a physical product as well?
  • How much effort does the photographer make to get to know and learn about you and your preferences? Consider what questions they're asking and how much they're trying to understand your desires. This is a reflection of their commitment to client satisfaction!

3. What events does Laura photograph?

Laura photographs a range of events and occasions, including weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, headshots, family portraits, high school senior photos, editorial and commercial shoots, as well as everyday moments and movements. However, her main focus is making sure the people in them shine. While the circumstances in her photos may vary, they will always be a celebration of people.

4. What does the entire process look like?

  1. Connect to discuss preferences for the shoot/the nature of the event
  2. Agree on a proposal/booking
  3. Laura takes care of all the planning and preparations
  4. The day of the actual shoot
  5. Laura takes care of all the editing and post-production after the shoot
  6. You receive a link to the digital files of your photos in 6-8 weeks or less, in addition to any display pieces you may have ordered

5. Will the images be retouched?

Yes, Each image you receive has been individually edited. Choice images selected for prints, highlight slideshows, and album designs are given additional attention. With Laura’s service(s), retouching is included in the price, but it can be left out if you desire!

6. How long does it take to receive the finished images?

Your online gallery and digital download will be posted online in 6-8 weeks or less

7. What format will I receive my photos in?

Everyone will always get a link to digital images as well as a copyright release. However, in addition, you can also receive a storybook album, an online proofing gallery, a highlight slideshow, and/or prints and custom artwork. Click here to learn more about these special options and offers!

8. What needs to be considered when choosing a location for a shoot?

The location of a shoot has a major impact on how the photos turn out, so it’s helpful to think through the different factors involved to ensure the location enhances the shoot.

Think about...

  • Does the location lend itself to the purpose of these photos? For example, for an intimate family photo shoot, an urban backdrop or a formal, elegant building might not correlate with the mood you want to evoke.
  • How much of a focal point do you want the location to be? Something like a grassy field will fade more into the background, whereas more striking scenery like a sculpture garden will attract more attention in photos.
  • Is this a space you can easily access? Does it require a permit or need to be rented out ahead of time? Thinking through logistical matters like these ahead of time will help you avoid last-minute complications.

9. What should I wear and bring to the photoshoot?

There are a few things that can be useful to keep in mind when pulling together outfits and other items for your session.

Think about...

  • Coordination and complements: Choose a color palette and go from there. The pieces don’t have to match perfectly but it helps if they’re cohesive!
  • Layers and Textures: Incorporating different fabrics and textures like lace, knit or crotchet items, denim, etc. can add detail and depth
  • Props: Depending on the purpose of the shoot, you may want to include an object of interest or nostalgia like a suitcase, chair, class ring, pet, sports equipment, favorite stuffed animal, etc. to add meaning
  • Comfort: You’ll look your best in an ensemble you feel your best in, so make sure you’re comfortable in whatever you’re wearing!
  • Patterns: Patterns can add interest and texture as long as they are subtle and complimentary, they’re usually best when used in moderation!
  • Avoid logos, graphics, labels, etc: These can take the attention away from what the main focus should be in your photos- you!
  • Location: It’s best to make sure wardrobe complements the surroundings
  • Where the photos will be viewed: You’ll want to make sure your outfit(s) are suitable for wherever you plan to display these images!

10. Do I need a second photographer?

Laura is both happy to and fully capable of handling the sessions and events on her own. She will always bring an assistant with her that will help her get everything done and every shot that needs to be taken.

A second photographer is very beneficial for larger events that require a second vantage point, or if there is limited time requiring multiple different locations to be photographed at the same time.